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Meet a Current ART342 Resident; Leah Cooper

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This summer we have been lucky enough to host Leah Cooper of Baltimore, MD where she works as an acedemic advisor and teacher at MICA. Her work will be exhibited in The Truth Following the Existence of Something at Rendition Gallery in Fort Collins this coming Friday, and here is an inside look at what she will be showing…

What have you/will you be working on here at ART342?

As an artist who is captivated by the everyday, my focus often narrows
to the smallest of cracks on the sidewalk and the faintest of shadows
on the wall. My intent is to create contextually dependent drawings
that question where the liminal state exists between what is noticed
and what is overlooked.

While in residency at ART342 the tangible product of my investigation
has been realized through site-responsive drawing/installation, both
interior and exterior. I work outside the traditional notion of
drawing, notating a physical site rather than rendering an illusory
version of that site. Drawing is traditionally considered to be a
two-dimensional re-presentation of the three-dimensional. I’ve aimed
to liberate drawing from its conventional role of descriptor and
rather employed it as a strategy where tactics have included
nomination, and notation contingently, by using materials outside of
standard mark makers and paper I hope to implement a situation where a
line created by an existing site element, something as ordinary as a
visible drywall seam is equivalent to a line drawn by the artist.

What are you planning for the exhibition at Rendition?

In addition to perceptibility, I am interested in employing the
contextually dependent nature of my installations as a means to
encourage the viewer to engage as participant rather than observer. My
interest in audience as contributor leads me to question the hierarchy
of the art object.  Is it possible to create work where meaning is not
contained within the object, but rather the object creates a heuristic
state that asks the viewer to complete the piece?

My aim for the show at Rendition is to use the space to begin to
investigate these questions.  I will create drawings that employ the
idea of indexicality, where the drawings point not only to the space they
occupy,  but also to themselves.

Another new work from Leah

Where are They Now? An Interview with Past Resident Jim David

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Jim David was a resident at ART342 in the summer of 2009. He was kind enough to share with us what he’s been busy with over the past  three years;

Since your time at ART342 what have you been up to?

I’ve maintained a busy schedule of commissions, performances, and teaching since 2009. Most recently, I’ve received a commission for a trombone concerto for Joseph Alessi of the New York Philharmonic, as well as a new saxophone concerto for the inaugural International Saxophone Symposium and Competition. Last November, through the generous support of ART342, I served as host and director of the Aries Composers Festival, the first ever new music festival held in Fort Collins. This event welcomed sixteen composers from throughout the US and Canada to Colorado State University, and featured multiple concerts, presentations, workshops, and masterclasses on composition.

You were here 3 years ago in the summer, what do you remember most about your time at ART342?

I remember the company of new friends, the chance to work uninterrupted in a serene space, and the remarkable warmth and generosity of Jim and Wendy Franzen. It was a truly special summer.

Where do you see yourself and your work in the next 5 years?

I hope to still be here in Fort Collins composing and teaching! It’s a truly great place to live and work if you’re a creative person.

What advice do you have for incoming/current residents?

 Don’t be afraid to engage with the community and your surroundings in different ways. I think that most residents of the area are open to artists and what they contribute to society. Plus, the natural beauty of the Front Range are an easy source of renewal after a few hours in the studio.

For more information on Jim check out:

Personal website:

Aries Composers Festival:

CSU Department of Music:

The 2nd Annual Eric Dolphy Pig Roast at ART342

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Matt and Paul, friends of ART342 preparing for the big feast

At 10:30 am the pig went into the roaster and by 6 pm guests had arrived and the pig was ready to eat. This was the scene of the annual pig roast at ART342. Friends and artists of ART342 were invited to bring a dish and share a meal together. It was a wonderful evening of drinks, games and food.

Friends and artists of ART342 enjoying the meal

A heated game of pool

Where are They Now? An Interview with Past Resident Amanda Schoppel

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Crumple Maquette, ink on paper

Amanda Schoppel was and Artist-in-Residence three years ago. She shared with us what has been going on in her life since then!

Since your time at ART342 what have you been up to? (exhibitions, new routes of work, etc)

Interesting, I hadn’t realized this, but looking back at the exhibitions that I’ve had since my time there, I see that my last three major works were generated during my time there! My approach during this residency was not very directed, I didn’t have a specific project in mind… I wanted to use the time to think and discover new things about my practice. A few concepts came up, that I followed through with, more formally, after the residency. Which resulted in:

Collapse, 2010

Collapse (cards with drawings on them, built like a house of cards, and allowed to fall throughout the the exhibition) at NSCAD University, Halifax, NS, Canada.
– Mid-Career Project Grant (Ontario Arts Council) – To create a large series of plexi-glass butterfly wings that are animated using shadow play — I remember pulling everyone at the 342studios in at some point to show off my newly discovered phenomenon!!

Butterfly Installation, 2011, plexiglass, fleece, nails, light

Butterflies installed at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, ON, Canada.
– James David (who was the music 342 resident, when I was there), asked me to collaborate together, and animate one of his compositions: “Found Objects”. Performed at: Auburn Museum, LaGrange College, Columbus State University, and Colorado State University.
– Project Grant awarded from the Canada Council for the Arts to create a large-scale (50″ x 83″) drawing that will be crumpled to create a sculpture. I am currently working on this piece in my studio in Toronto.

— more info. is available on my website —

You were here 3 years ago in the summer, what do you remember most about your time at ART342?

New cherished friendships, a beautiful location AND cocktails at the studio at 5!

Where do you see yourself and your work in the next 5 years?

Continuing to be engaged in my practice, where ever it takes me.

What advice do you have for incoming/current residents?

Come prepared, make sure you have materials to get started with. It’s a little remote, if you don’t have a vehicle.
Like all residencies, it’s about the people that you find yourself with – make sure you make the time to engage with each other.

Meet the Bookstabers!

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When an artist does a residency here at ART342 they cannot go very long before they hear the names Dennis and Mickey Bookstaber. The Bookstabers are an integral part of studio visits and all other ART342 events. Their support of the artists and of the arts in general is evident upon meeting them. We wanted to find out the story of their arrival in Fort Collins and how they became a part of ART342.

Dennis and Mickey (the two people wearing black in front) looking intently at an artist’s work during a studio visit

How were you introduced to the Jim and Wendy Franzen, founders of ART342?

We had the good fortune of connecting with Jim and Wendy Franzen during our first exploratory visit to Ft. Collins which we made in 2002 as we followed up on a suggestion to “check out this town” by a former high school art student of Mickey’s who was doing graduate work at CSU. As it turned out their advice and suggestions proved invaluable to us as we made our plans to move to town. After we arrived we soon realized how important they were to the vibrancy of the art and music communities. If you had the opportunity to attend any of the events in which they had any involvement you were guaranteed a memorable experience filled with exposure to some of the most interesting and talented folks around.

So it was that when they founded ART342 we naturally had a great interest in the project, the artists and all the people associated this operation.

Besides your connection at ART342 how else are you involved in the arts in Fort Collins?

In our early years in Fort Collins we were very involved with the Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art. When the new University Art Museum opened a few years ago in the University Center for the Arts and Keith became their Programs and Exhibitions Coordinator we talked him into letting us help them when they needed assistance in installing and de-installing exhibitions there.

Mickey had a wonderful and rewarding career as an art educator in a Northern New Jersey high school but she is also an active, practicing artist. She has experienced success in having her work accepted into various local exhibitions and is currently showing a few of her pieces in the Art and Science show at the Poudre Studio Artist & Galleries in Old Town (July 5-28, 2012)

What is the most interesting thing about getting to know the Artists-in-Residence at ART342?

Where could one find a better way to have a finger on the pulse of what is happening in contemporary art, music and literature? In our current relationship we get to meet and interact with the next generation of the people with whom we have so enjoyed throughout our lives. They provide us with a direct connection to the real-time world of contemporary art and most are such interesting folks to be with.

We consider ourselves very lucky and are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program.

Be sure to check out Mickey’s work at the Art and Science show before it comes down on July 28!


Goodbye Summer Residents; Hello New Artists-in-Residence!

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Our first wave of summer Artists-in-Residence have left us. The new group will be arriving within the next two weeks. While we are eagerly anticipating meeting a brand new group of artists we will miss Bruno Torres, Claire Zitzow, Mike Calway-Fagen, William Cordeiro and Sean Peuquet (Sarah Sloane and Joe-Joe Orangias will be staying on for the rest of the summer). Our new artists will be Leah Cooper, Devin Farrand, Alexander Lumans and Ian Dicke. Check out their past work in anticipation of their work here at ART342!

Leah Cooper:

Devin Farrand:

Alexander Lumans:

Ian Dicke:

Joe-Joe Orangias:

Sarah Sloane:

Goodbye William Cordeiro! (Where are you Going Now?)

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Will Cordeiro reading to the group during a studio visit during his residency

Our residents for the first half of summer have left Fort Collins. With them left our dear Writer-in-Residence William Cordeiro, but before he left he answered some questions for us;

What did you achieve at ART342?

I feel I was able to accomplish quite a bit during my six-week residency at ART342. I thoroughly revised several pieces, most significantly doing complete overhauls of the two poetry manuscripts I have been working on for many years.  I also drafted several new pieces, though these will require more time to revise and (hopefully) publish, including over a dozen poems, several of which were directly inspired by the landscape here in Colorado. I also wrote a review of Peter Gizzi’s book “Theshold Songs” and drafted a 25-page essay called “Modes of Transport: Phenomenology and Representation in Transit,” which offers close readings of art and literature about transportation while building a larger argument about how our perception of travel, space, and narrative has changed in the 20th century.

Most significantly, though, I drafted five new short stories, which are magic realist in nature; these stories are informed by science and history, using real details to create more fantastic fictions. I plan to continue writing more short stories like these so as to form a collection. Previously, I had only written a few short stories, focusing instead on poetry; my time here allowed me to explore the genre of fiction much more, and I have come away with an entirely new project and direction for my work, which I wasn’t expecting.

Where are you going to now?

ART342 was a great stop on my move across the country. I am finishing up my Ph.D. at Cornell University in Ithaca, but since I only have to complete my dissertation now, I have decided to move to Tucson for at least the next couple of years while I finish my degree. Though I will be shifting gears and focusing more on my critical rather than my creative writing, I have a residency back in New York state in the Adirondacks coming up for the month of September. I’m always doing both critical and creative writing anyway, and I don’t see the two as necessarily all that different. I’m looking forward to the sunny weather in the Sonora desert and making use of Tucson’s remarkable Poetry Center.

Do you have any advice for the incoming residents?

My advice for upcoming residents is to get to know your fellow residents! I had many great conversations with the other people here, and many of us collaborated or hope to collaborate in the future. ART342 does an incredible job–more than any other residency I know–in helping you connect to the community, providing several opportunities for gallery shows or performances. Make sure you go to Denver’s First Friday, too. Also, bike around town, especially by the Poudre River trail. Finally, a few recommendations: best restaurants are JeJu, Snooze, Jay’s, Choice City Deli, and Stuft; and, for bars, Astoria, Ace Gillette’s, and (when you want a crazier vibe and a dance floor) Luscious Nectar.