Goodbye William Cordeiro! (Where are you Going Now?)

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Will Cordeiro reading to the group during a studio visit during his residency

Our residents for the first half of summer have left Fort Collins. With them left our dear Writer-in-Residence William Cordeiro, but before he left he answered some questions for us;

What did you achieve at ART342?

I feel I was able to accomplish quite a bit during my six-week residency at ART342. I thoroughly revised several pieces, most significantly doing complete overhauls of the two poetry manuscripts I have been working on for many years.  I also drafted several new pieces, though these will require more time to revise and (hopefully) publish, including over a dozen poems, several of which were directly inspired by the landscape here in Colorado. I also wrote a review of Peter Gizzi’s book “Theshold Songs” and drafted a 25-page essay called “Modes of Transport: Phenomenology and Representation in Transit,” which offers close readings of art and literature about transportation while building a larger argument about how our perception of travel, space, and narrative has changed in the 20th century.

Most significantly, though, I drafted five new short stories, which are magic realist in nature; these stories are informed by science and history, using real details to create more fantastic fictions. I plan to continue writing more short stories like these so as to form a collection. Previously, I had only written a few short stories, focusing instead on poetry; my time here allowed me to explore the genre of fiction much more, and I have come away with an entirely new project and direction for my work, which I wasn’t expecting.

Where are you going to now?

ART342 was a great stop on my move across the country. I am finishing up my Ph.D. at Cornell University in Ithaca, but since I only have to complete my dissertation now, I have decided to move to Tucson for at least the next couple of years while I finish my degree. Though I will be shifting gears and focusing more on my critical rather than my creative writing, I have a residency back in New York state in the Adirondacks coming up for the month of September. I’m always doing both critical and creative writing anyway, and I don’t see the two as necessarily all that different. I’m looking forward to the sunny weather in the Sonora desert and making use of Tucson’s remarkable Poetry Center.

Do you have any advice for the incoming residents?

My advice for upcoming residents is to get to know your fellow residents! I had many great conversations with the other people here, and many of us collaborated or hope to collaborate in the future. ART342 does an incredible job–more than any other residency I know–in helping you connect to the community, providing several opportunities for gallery shows or performances. Make sure you go to Denver’s First Friday, too. Also, bike around town, especially by the Poudre River trail. Finally, a few recommendations: best restaurants are JeJu, Snooze, Jay’s, Choice City Deli, and Stuft; and, for bars, Astoria, Ace Gillette’s, and (when you want a crazier vibe and a dance floor) Luscious Nectar.

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