Where are They Now? An Interview with Past Resident Amanda Schoppel

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Crumple Maquette, ink on paper

Amanda Schoppel was and Artist-in-Residence three years ago. She shared with us what has been going on in her life since then!

Since your time at ART342 what have you been up to? (exhibitions, new routes of work, etc)

Interesting, I hadn’t realized this, but looking back at the exhibitions that I’ve had since my time there, I see that my last three major works were generated during my time there! My approach during this residency was not very directed, I didn’t have a specific project in mind… I wanted to use the time to think and discover new things about my practice. A few concepts came up, that I followed through with, more formally, after the residency. Which resulted in:

Collapse, 2010

Collapse (cards with drawings on them, built like a house of cards, and allowed to fall throughout the the exhibition) at NSCAD University, Halifax, NS, Canada.
– Mid-Career Project Grant (Ontario Arts Council) – To create a large series of plexi-glass butterfly wings that are animated using shadow play — I remember pulling everyone at the 342studios in at some point to show off my newly discovered phenomenon!!

Butterfly Installation, 2011, plexiglass, fleece, nails, light

Butterflies installed at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, ON, Canada.
– James David (who was the music 342 resident, when I was there), asked me to collaborate together, and animate one of his compositions: “Found Objects”. Performed at: Auburn Museum, LaGrange College, Columbus State University, and Colorado State University.
– Project Grant awarded from the Canada Council for the Arts to create a large-scale (50″ x 83″) drawing that will be crumpled to create a sculpture. I am currently working on this piece in my studio in Toronto.

— more info. is available on my website —

You were here 3 years ago in the summer, what do you remember most about your time at ART342?

New cherished friendships, a beautiful location AND cocktails at the studio at 5!

Where do you see yourself and your work in the next 5 years?

Continuing to be engaged in my practice, where ever it takes me.

What advice do you have for incoming/current residents?

Come prepared, make sure you have materials to get started with. It’s a little remote, if you don’t have a vehicle.
Like all residencies, it’s about the people that you find yourself with – make sure you make the time to engage with each other.

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