Meet a Current ART342 Resident; Leah Cooper

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This summer we have been lucky enough to host Leah Cooper of Baltimore, MD where she works as an acedemic advisor and teacher at MICA. Her work will be exhibited in The Truth Following the Existence of Something at Rendition Gallery in Fort Collins this coming Friday, and here is an inside look at what she will be showing…

What have you/will you be working on here at ART342?

As an artist who is captivated by the everyday, my focus often narrows
to the smallest of cracks on the sidewalk and the faintest of shadows
on the wall. My intent is to create contextually dependent drawings
that question where the liminal state exists between what is noticed
and what is overlooked.

While in residency at ART342 the tangible product of my investigation
has been realized through site-responsive drawing/installation, both
interior and exterior. I work outside the traditional notion of
drawing, notating a physical site rather than rendering an illusory
version of that site. Drawing is traditionally considered to be a
two-dimensional re-presentation of the three-dimensional. I’ve aimed
to liberate drawing from its conventional role of descriptor and
rather employed it as a strategy where tactics have included
nomination, and notation contingently, by using materials outside of
standard mark makers and paper I hope to implement a situation where a
line created by an existing site element, something as ordinary as a
visible drywall seam is equivalent to a line drawn by the artist.

What are you planning for the exhibition at Rendition?

In addition to perceptibility, I am interested in employing the
contextually dependent nature of my installations as a means to
encourage the viewer to engage as participant rather than observer. My
interest in audience as contributor leads me to question the hierarchy
of the art object.  Is it possible to create work where meaning is not
contained within the object, but rather the object creates a heuristic
state that asks the viewer to complete the piece?

My aim for the show at Rendition is to use the space to begin to
investigate these questions.  I will create drawings that employ the
idea of indexicality, where the drawings point not only to the space they
occupy,  but also to themselves.

Another new work from Leah

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