Goodbye Summer 2012 Artists-in-Residence

In Uncategorized on August 9, 2012 at 9:44 pm

The current ART342 artists-in-residence will be leaving in the next week. We are sad to say goodbye to Joe-Joe Orangias, Leah Cooper, Devin Farrand, Ian Dicke, Alexander Lumans and Sarah Sloane. Before parting writer-in-residence Alexander Lumans shares with us what his time at ART342 was like:

So far at ART342, I’ve been revisiting several recent rough drafts of both short stories and poems. The new environment and fellow residents have enabled me to approach this older work with a more discerning eye and, hopefully, a stronger sense of what revisions need to occur in order to develop and improve this fiction and poetry. I also have a rough draft of a novel that I am reworking, but I find it takes a little while to settle into a routine and space, and that settling isn’t immediately conducive to working on a longer piece. I have to be pretty comfortable where I am in order to sit down and write more on a piece as gigantic as a novel. I’ll be ready to work on it when I’m ready. That’s the great thing about this residency: you can focus on writing and revising exactly what you’d like to, even if that includes ten different things at ten different stages. Sometimes it spreads me too thin, but it also always means I can take a break from one project to further another.

Before ART342, I was at another artist residency called the Blue Mountain Center up in the Adirondacks of New York for a month. Once ART342 ends, sadly, I’ll have to return to teaching down in Denver, where I just moved to. With any luck, though, I’ll have a new teaching gig at another university in Denver that will allow me to teach Fiction Writing courses, instead of simply Composition I and II, which is what I teach at the two universities I already work for. But in among all that teaching, I’ll keep writing. It just won’t be nearly as much as what I’m getting done here at ART342.

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