Meet Past Resident Ajean Lee Ryan

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Three years ago this fall Ajean Lee Ryan was an artist-in-residence at ART342. She shared with us the things she’s been doing since then…

Since your time at ART342 what have you been up to?

At ART342 I began working with pastel and ink which I continue to work with today. I am currently having a solo exhibition at the Fort Collins Museum of Art showcasing many new works from the last year. Some of the new and recent work involve three-dimensional collage and sculptural pieces that range in size and scale but are all influenced by my drawings both materially and in subject matter. The drawings have continued to grow in size, scale and palette allowing me to test the boundaries of my use of materials and methods.

You were here 3 years ago in the fall, what do you remember most about your time at ART342?

I remember the windows by my drawing table and how I could see the storms rolling in. I also remember dear friends that I stay in touch with still to this day. After a long day, we would sit on the front deck and have a nice cold bottle of beer.

Where do you see yourself and your work in the next 5 years?

I hope to have a major show in a museum regionally or nationally and to have received a national grant to allow me to work on a large-scale installation that I keep fantasizing about.

What advice do you have for incoming residents?

Work hard, play hard. Go on a brewery tour and bring your bicycle.

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions?

Yes, I will be in a juried group show titled Glitz at the Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Art Center in Maryland and 25th of September Exhibition at the Alexandria Museum of Art in Louisiana.

Check out more of Ajean’s work at :

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