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Meet Current Artist-in-Residence Fernanda Chieco

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Fernanda Chieco is currently an artist-in-residence at ART342. You can see her work on Friday October 5 from 6-9pm at The Center for Fine Art Photography. The exhibition runs through October 20 and includes a special reading and panel discussion on October 10 at 12pm. As a preview Fernanda gives us some insight to her work…

What is your main medium?

Drawing is my main medium, but I also make objects, installations, videos etc.

What are the main concepts your work deals with?

For the past ten years I have developed artworks mainly based on experiences abroad and in my  home country. I have taken part of several international art residency programs, which I have used as opportunities to carry out research, exchange experiences and ideas with local communities, develop major series of works and become aware of the international art scene.

The major focus of my research as an overall basis is human behaviors related to rules of survival in communities and the arousal of eventual narratives that constitute absurdities of human life.

In my process of work I investigate old and new rules of behavior from groups of people and then create concepts  to be developed into series of artworks

What does a typical day in the studio look like?

In my life, everything that surrounds me are studios in potential: the accommodation, the kitchen, the bathroom, supermarket, pub, doctor, etc… I could come up with works anywhere… the official studio space is more like a laboratory, a sterile place where I make very precise drawings and objects.

What do you anticipate working on while at ART342?

Drawings, probably… perhaps objects… Currently I’m completely immersed in the research process, which I intend to be until the end of this month. Next month is when the production begins… So I’ll be able to tell you more then. For now, I am pretty interested in all kinds of haunted things, ideas, concepts etc… so we’ll see what will come out of this! So far I have done some ghost walks in Fort Collins and visited four Ghost Towns in the surroundings of the residence.

News from ART342

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There are several upcoming events our readers should be aware of. First is our upcoming deadline for Spring and Summer applications: OCTOBER 1. Just one week away. Please apply here:

The other is an exhibition at The Center for Fine Art Photography featuring new work by our Fall Artists-in-Residence. We hope to see you at the opening on October 5 from 6 to 9pm.

Past Resident Shana Salaff Shares Her ART342 Experience

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Three years ago in the fall Shana Salaff was an artist-in-residence here at ART342, and today we were able to catch up with her and find out what she’s been doing and how she remembers ART342.

Since your time at ART342 what have you been up to? (exhibitions, new routes of work, etc)

I have been teaching ceramics at both Front Range Community College in Fort Collins and Aims Community College in Greeley since Spring 2010. Last spring, I participated in a panel on teaching three-demensional arts via the internet at the NCECA (ceramics) conference in Seattle. I am co-curating a juried community college show for next spring’s conference in Houston. This summer, I spent 10 weeks in Bali as the artist-in-residence at Gaya Ceramic Arts Center, as well as a week as a regular tourist in Japan. I had a solo show entitled “Small Offerings” in Bali at the Gaya Ceramic and Design gallery. I just finished a writing an article for Ceramics Monthly that describes an anagama kiln build that took place at Gaya during my residency; this article will be published in either the November or December edition of the magazine. I’m also working on two articles about my work for Pottery Making Illustrated (magazine).

You were here 3 years ago in the fall, what do you remember most about your time at ART342?

What do I remember most? It was an idyllic time for me: unlimited time in the studio, a beautiful house to live in, the company of fellow artists and the freedom to lose myself in my work.

Where do you see yourself and your work in the next 5 years?

In 5 years I’d like to be teaching full-time at a university or art college. That, or living on my work full-time and teaching workshops. Whichever comes first!
What advice do you have for incoming/current residents?
Advice? Enjoy your time and make the most of it!
Do you have any upcoming exhibitions?
 I don’t have a definite next exhibition, but am working on a proposal for a gallery in Fort Collins to host the body of work that that is a response to my summer in Bali.
Check out more of Shana’s work at:

Meet Jim and Wendy Franzen; Founders of ART342

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Three years ago Jim and Wendy Franzen turned their property into an artist residency. Since then dozens of artists, writers and composers have created there. To find out why and how it all started we talked with the Franzens:

When and why did you found ART342?

I Remember sitting on the font porch looking at the 3-4 acres in front of the house and thinking it would be a good place for an artists retreat. From there we researched artist residencies around the country. This helped us get a clearer picture of what we needed for facilities. It also helped us refine our vision of ART342.

That vision included several components:

  • A retreat model with uninterrupted time for the work of art.
  • A collegial atmosphere for the residents when they weren’t working.
  • Opportunities for artists to develop the professional and service components of their career.

To these ends we designed and built a studio building with private spaces for each artist. We outfitted certain studios with the equipment needed for specific media. For example a kiln for ceramicists, a computer music station for composers. Later we added a shared wood shop with the necessary equipment.

In order to develop collegial relationships we organized the living quarters into shared homes.

We developed connections in Fort Collins for shows, performances, readings, as well as service opportunities for the residents.

What is the best part about ART342 from your perspective?

Our staff. We were able to attract an exceptional executive director in Amy Reckley and her assistant Anna Maddocks. Their initiative and creativity delight us on a regular basis.

We have been encouraged by the response of the residents to our vision and their acceptance of the parameters of ART342.

The willingness of the CSU art, english, and music departments to invite the residents to hold master classes and readings. In addition, the music faculty has performed the works of our composers and invited them back for the local new music festival.

We have also been very happy that the residency continues to attract increasingly strong participants.

What is the most interesting thing that has happened at the residency in the past three years?

We have been pleasantly surprised by the camaraderie of each group of residents. They gather around the pool table or the porch at the end of the day. They collaborate on meals at one house or the other. There are regular discussions between visual artists, writers and composers about the theory of art and aesthetics, as well as their experiences as professional artists. They accompany each other to tours of the many microbreweries in town or cycling or hiking in the national parks. In many cases they continue to correspond after they have left ART342.