Meet Current Artist-in-Residence Fernanda Chieco

In Uncategorized on September 28, 2012 at 7:36 pm

Fernanda Chieco is currently an artist-in-residence at ART342. You can see her work on Friday October 5 from 6-9pm at The Center for Fine Art Photography. The exhibition runs through October 20 and includes a special reading and panel discussion on October 10 at 12pm. As a preview Fernanda gives us some insight to her work…

What is your main medium?

Drawing is my main medium, but I also make objects, installations, videos etc.

What are the main concepts your work deals with?

For the past ten years I have developed artworks mainly based on experiences abroad and in my  home country. I have taken part of several international art residency programs, which I have used as opportunities to carry out research, exchange experiences and ideas with local communities, develop major series of works and become aware of the international art scene.

The major focus of my research as an overall basis is human behaviors related to rules of survival in communities and the arousal of eventual narratives that constitute absurdities of human life.

In my process of work I investigate old and new rules of behavior from groups of people and then create concepts  to be developed into series of artworks

What does a typical day in the studio look like?

In my life, everything that surrounds me are studios in potential: the accommodation, the kitchen, the bathroom, supermarket, pub, doctor, etc… I could come up with works anywhere… the official studio space is more like a laboratory, a sterile place where I make very precise drawings and objects.

What do you anticipate working on while at ART342?

Drawings, probably… perhaps objects… Currently I’m completely immersed in the research process, which I intend to be until the end of this month. Next month is when the production begins… So I’ll be able to tell you more then. For now, I am pretty interested in all kinds of haunted things, ideas, concepts etc… so we’ll see what will come out of this! So far I have done some ghost walks in Fort Collins and visited four Ghost Towns in the surroundings of the residence.

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