Artists-in-Residence Answer Questions from the Community

In Uncategorized on October 12, 2012 at 10:55 pm

This Wednesday members of ART342 and the Fort Collins community joined us for a reading and panel discussion with our current artists-in-residence. After Joy Wood read a short story, “One Legged Army” the panel answered questions from the audience. Their answers to some of the questions are summarized here…

How do you finance your life so you can do residencies?

Residents have a few tricks up their sleeves for finding money to make doing a residency a viable option.  A lot will get support through grants, and while ideally an artist, writer or musician would live off of sales of their work; this is not always the case. Commissions and occasional sales do help however. Some ART342 artists do have gallery representation back at home which helps with work sales.

Where do you find information on residency and grant applications?

What do you look for in a residency?

Artists tend to look for places they haven’t been to for a residency. A lot of our residents’ work is affected by their location so if they haven’t been somewhere it has potential to change their work and cause growth in significant ways. They also look for residencies that give them a stipend and provide networking opportunities. A lot of them also agreed that the more time at the residency the better because it gives them longer to develop their work.


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